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Polar Igloo

  • Field-tested by Antarctic researchers for over 35 years
  • Withstands winds of over 300 kms per hour
  • Flies fully assembled by helicopter at 70 knots

Ecotourism Igloo

  • Adaptable to suit your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen needs
  • Extendable to suit larger groups
  • Washable inside and out to reduce contaminants transferring to new sites

Polypod Snowcamper Sledge

  • Travels at 50 km/hr behind a 250cc ATV
  • Reinforced base carries up to 500 kgs
  • Detachable wind-proof canopy also acts as a shelter

Igloo Satellite Cabin

The basic Igloo Satellite Cabin, weighing 250 kg and 3m wide x 2.1m high, is pre-fabricated, insulated and made from 8 wall panels and 4 floor panels. The whole Igloo is bolted together and secured to ground anchors by 8 wire tie-down lines. Igloos can be extended and interlinked with tunnels.

Units can be flown fully assembled by helicopter, and are ideal short-term accommodation for exploration, research and ecotourism. Igloos have been in use since 1982.


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The basic Igloo Satellite Cabin consists of three plain panels, four window panels, one door panel with rain hood, one top-knot and four floor panels. Wall panels may be purchased separately to create the configuration best suited to your needs e.g. seven window panels and one door panel for all round observation.

Each set of extensions add 765mm to the length of a Cabin. More than 4 extensions will require an additional dividing wall for support. All extended Cabins come with a hatch located in the extension panel furthest from the door to allow for an emergency escape.

Each entrance tunnel is 1200mm long and is wide enough to allow the door to open fully. Tunnels can be attached by bolts to Cabins and attached to each other to interlink Cabins.

Floor panels are bolted together and connected with recessed strips to provide an even surface.

Example colours shown. Send us your colour choice.


Polypod Snowcamper Sledge

The PolyPod SnowCamper weighs 140 kg, is 3m long x 1.2m wide and 1.6m high. This pre-fabricated, insulated, fibreglass sledge is designed to be towed behind small ATVs. The canopy houses two people, or instruments and photographic equipment.

Units have been used in Arctic and Antarctic conditions and can be flown by helicopter, or used as punts. They are ideal for projects requiring extended travel over snow, including exploration, surveying or maintenance crews.

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About Icewall One

Icewall One (formerly Malcolm Wallhead and Associates) is managed by Anthea Wallhead and based in Tasmania, Australia.

Malcolm Wallhead and Associates started as a partnership between Anthea and Malcolm Wallhead, the original designer and manufacturer of the Igloo Satellite Cabin and PolyPod SnowCamper Sledge.

Since 2004 all products have been manufactured by Penguin Composites (also a Tasmanian company), under licence.

Since 1982, Igloos and PolyPods have been purchased by over 60 institutes and individuals in 20 countries , mostly for use in polar areas.

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Igloo Satellite Cabins have been purchased and are in use all over the world.

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Further information can also be found via the Tasmanian Polar Network and Penguin Composites