The PolyPod Snowcamper

The PolyPod Snowcamper is a pre-fabricated, insulated, fibreglass sledge designed to be towed behind skidoos, quad bikes and other small ATVs. The windproof canopy is spacious enough for two people and provides excellent protection for delicate instruments and photographic equipment. It has been used for a variety of purposes in polar conditions for over 15 years, including filming in the Russian Arctic and in Antarctica.

With an attached stabilizer, units can be flown by helicopter, or used as punts without the canopy. The PolyPod canopy-covered sledge is ideal for any project requiring extended travel over snow, including expeditions, exploration, surveying or maintenance crews.


PolyPods are 3m long by 1.2 m wide by 1.6 high and consist of 5 pieces made from a composite of fibreglass and rigid polyurethane insulation, as well as a Kevlar and carbon fibre reinforced tow bar. Panels are bolted to the base and to each other, and secured to the ground with tie-down lines if necessary. For helicopter transport, a fibreglass stabilizer is attached to the tow-bar and tie-down lines also act as lifting strops.

Windows are double-glazed polycarbonate panes, which are shockproof. The reinforced base can carry up to 500 kgs and travel at 50 km/h behind towing vehicles of 250 cc or more. The base is waterproof and can be towed across water or powered by an outboard motor. The canopy can also serve as a rigid tent. Each sledge has two ventilators, one in the door and one in the roof panel.

All PolyPods are customized to suit specific requirements and are available in a range of colours. Basic assembly tools, bolts, sealant, tie-down lines, assembly instructions and brochures are supplied with each order.


Sledge Length without Tow Bar 3060 mm
Tow Bar 980 mm
Sledge Width 1220 mm
Sledge Base Height 382 mm
Sledge Height with Canopy 1662 mm
Sledge Base Weight 70 kg
Canopy Weight 70 kg
Approx. Total Weight 140 kg
Double-glazed Polycarbonate Windows - Diameter 400 mm
Maximum Door Width 620 mm
Door Height 1210 mm
Door Furniture - Adjustable wedge type twin lever.  
Door incorporates a 4-way tension adjustment for positive sealing in the field.  
Door Sealing Method Rubber strip seals.
Insulation 10 mm Expanded Polyvinyl Foam sandwiched between fibreglass walls.
Ventilation 2 x 100 mm diameter mushroom type air vents.
Stability 47° from vertical.
Maximum Load 500 kg
Maximum Tested Towing Speed on snow 50 km/h
Maximum Tested Helicopter Flying Speed with Stabilizer 70 knots
Minimum Recommended Towing Vehicle Capacity 250 cc
Packed Dimensions 3150 x 1220 x 670 mm

In addition

Icewall One also produce a modular, stackable and lockable storage solution to accompany their primary products. The Sledge Box is fibreglass, and features a unique socket and plug design, allowing for easy stacking of multiple boxes.

The Sledge Box also contains recessed handles, designed to allow for efficient side-by-side stacking. The front of each Sledge Box features two adjustable stainless steel lockable latches and the lid is hinged via a pair of solid 8-bolt hinges. Combining these design elements into the one package ensures that your stored items will remain safe and secure regardless of their surrounding environment.

Sledge Box Dimensions: 550 mm Long x 375 mm Wide x 260 mm High.

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