Igloos for Ecotourism Operators

Whether you cater for high-end tourists or backpackers, consider choosing Igloo Satellite Cabins to suit your customers' accommodation needs. From over 30 years use in Antarctica, Igloos have a reputation for leaving a minimal impact on the environment, and if secured according to instructions, an Igloo will last over twenty years, providing you with a long-term investment.

Do you cater for customers wanting an exclusive retreat in a remote location? Igloos can be fitted out to suit this request and flown in by helicopter, ready to occupy. Do your customers want to explore the area while someone else prepares meals? Fly in another Igloo set up as a kitchen. Use more Igloos for other facilities if required.

After each holiday stay, all units can be flown back to your operation centre, cleaned and be ready for another customer. With all panels interchangeable, your holiday venue can be expanded or reduced when needed.

If your customers are backpackers, short stopover tourists or wilderness trekkers, establishing Igloos in your camping areas or along trails will provide you with durable accommodation units which are easy to clean, easy to furnish and easy to remove from areas threatened by bushfire or other natural disasters.

Igloo features & specs

Tropical, ecotourism Igloos featuring tinted windows, window shade panels and extended roof panels, near a bird aviary in Far North Queensland.
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