Display Igloo For Hire (in Tasmania)

Icewall One is now offering a unique display unit to showcase your products or services indoors. Instead of a rectangular booth which looks the same as all the others, why not consider an Igloo?

The Display Igloo consists of eight wall panels which can be bolted together, then capped with a top hatch. It has four windows, three plain panels and a door. Each panel weighs approximately 15 kgs. This white Igloo is a simplified version of the fibreglass 'Apple huts' used in Antarctica for over 30 years, and is currently only available for interior use.

The Igloo can be supplied as a half unit or full unit. If you require a half Igloo, you can choose any four panels, making a space 3 metres wide, 2.1 metres high and 1.5 metres deep. If you choose a complete unit, it measures 3 metres in diameter and 2.1 metres high. You can arrange the order of plain panels, windows and door. Two extension panels measuring 765mm wide now available.

Half or full units can be used in such events as:

  • a winter display in a store window or shopping complex
  • school students studying Antarctic activities
  • a special birthday party or celebration
  • performing arts productions
  • a display booth in an Antarctic or adventure tourism expo

Igloo panels are available for a minimum of three days.


For a half Igloo

  • per three days $87 inc. GST
  • per seven days $172 inc GST
  • per each extra day $27 inc GST

Carpet tiles(18) $10 inc. GST

For a complete igloo

  • per three days $165 inc. GST
  • per seven days $344 inc GST
  • per each extra day $54 inc GST

Carpet tiles(36) $20 inc. GST

Extension panels for either half or complete Igloo for any period $40 inc. GST.

For longer periods, contact us for a quote.

The Igloo panels are ready for transport. The hirer is responsible for collecting the panels from the supplier and returning them within the agreed time. The hirer's truck or trailer must be capable of carrying a set of panels approx. 3 metres long x 1.6 metre wide in a safe manner. The Igloo will be available any day between 8.00am and 6.00pm, by arrangement.


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Want to know more?

Read Pink Dust by Anthea Wallhead - the story of restoring Igloo No. 140 to a Display Igloo for hire.

*Penguin, chairs and table not included.