Igloos for Mining Companies

Consider the benefits of a versatile cabin which can be fitted out with your essentials, then flown fast, suspended beneath a helicopter, to your exploration site. Enjoy a competitive edge over other companies involved in mineral exploration by having a FIFO Igloo.

You can choose to have one multi-purpose cabin, or fly in several as a base camp. You have a choice of basic 3m diameter cabins or extended Igloos. If your site is accessible by road or water, the pre-fabricated panels can be crated, stacked together or pre-assembled on a truck or boat deck, saving you more time on arrival.

Your base camp could have a dedicated First Aid centre, separate cabins for dormitories, an extended Cabin for food service and another for ablutions, all demountable and able to be stored until another camp needs to be set up. We can adapt Igloos to suit your needs, or supply them empty, ready for your own equipment.

Used in Antarctica for over 30 years, you can be assured that Igloo Satellite Cabins, assembled and secured according to instructions, can withstand winds up to 300 km/h, be heated or cooled to suit local conditions and leave a minimal environmental impact.

Igloo features & specs

Pluton set up these Igloos for a base on an island off the W.A. coast.
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