New Record Set

Published: June 30, 2015

Two Igloos recently manufactured by Penguin Composites, under licence from Icewall One, will be Nos. 200 and 201.These units will be used on Macquarie Island to support field programs by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife, which has previously purchased Igloos for the island.

General Manager for Icewall One, Anthea Wallhead is very pleased with this total, despite the time it took. "The first 100 Igloos were achieved in 12 years, but it has been a further 20 years to reach 200."

Prior to Igloos 200 and 201, two other igloos were shipped to Svalbard, north of Norway, for an eco-tourism resort and a set of extension panels were sent to Sweden, to add to one previously purchased. These Igloos follow 14 units purchased by the Australian Antarctic Division in 2013, to replace Igloos over 20-years-old at various sites in Antarctica.

Following 200 and 201, an order was received for 4 basic units for use in Greenland and an order for an extended Igloo will be shipped to New Zealand in July.

The 200th Igloo nearing completion | 200 Jaffa Igloos on marshmallow icebergs, with model Igloo showing Igloo countries.

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