Igloos for Polar Expeditioners

For over 30 years, polar expeditioners have benefitted from the warmth and security provided by Igloo Satellite Cabins. If you are planning research in a remote area, consider these Igloos for your base.

The insulated walls and floor will protect you from blizzards while you sleep, have meals, communicate with others or analyse data. From Icewall One, you can choose the furniture or accessories which best suit your needs, or you can fit them out yourself.

Compared to a tent with limited visibility, Igloos provide four double-glazed windows to enable you to observe approaching weather conditions and wildlife from any direction. You can choose to have more windows if necessary, extend igloos to cater for more people, or interlink several Igloos with tunnels.

With the help of two or three people your Igloo can be basically assembled and ready for use within an hour.

If your research time is very short, a basic Igloo can be assembled, equipped with essentials and flown suspended under a helicopter to your chosen location, then flown back to your base.

Igloo features & specs

Basic Igloo being lowered from German icebreaker, near Svalbard.
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